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Senior Services
Photo of senior woman waving.  Photo by Matt Oner

FBCS Older Adult programs are provided using a collaborative approach; our social service staff and property management staff work together. Our focus is on the needs of the individual person and the community as a whole. 


FBCS recognizes the importance of providing comprehensive social services. The services provided by FBCS include:

  • Eviction prevention

  • Assistance arranging and maintaining medical, dental and specialist care

  • Assistance in obtaining home care services

  • Assistance with money management and budgeting 

  • Assistance with obtaining and maintaining benefits and entitlements 

  • Support and counseling referrals for issues related to health, relationships and other life challenges

  • Social education and recreational activities


Individualized services are important because each resident brings a rich and complex history with talents, accomplishments and dreams as well as serious daily struggles and past traumas. Our social services are designed not only to assist residents with their struggles but to affirm the gifts and strengths that each person brings to the community.


Our residents do well living in a supportive community with meaningful social connections. Community creates the conditions for health, growth, acceptance and happiness. Our community plays an active part in helping us create our clubs, activities, and holiday celebrations.

Our Older Adult Services are offered exclusively to residents at specific locations. 


If you are an older adult seeking social service support outside of FBCS, click below for link for resources.


NYSOFA Resource Guide

For more information please contact: Norsy Jimenez, Director of Social Services,

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